Redefining Network Ecology of Data Transmission Based on

Enabling the commercialization of digital content to be free, fair and efficient

About AlphaBiz

AlphaBiz(AB) is a completely decentralized digital content sharing software platform based on blockchain technology, network acceleration technology and content distribution technology. Digital content publishers can make full use of redundant idle bandwidth resources and high-quality digital content to gain revenue. Downloaders can use AB to exchange high-quality digital products. Joining the AB Rewards Program (the users) can also continue to earn AB revenue through sharing resources. This will make downloading of high-quality, high-value digital content globally more enjoyable and free. It is hailed as the world's first true blockchain application with high frequency and high demand.

AlphaBiz will be ......

  • Unimpeded Digital Content Worldwide

    Anthropogenic geographical restrictions will be broken through AlphaBiz application, and users can unimpededly retrieve and download digital content from all over the world.

  • Fastest Transmission Speed

    Based on the Content Distribution Technology and Decentralized Shared CDN Network Ecology, users will experience the digital content transmission with the fastest speed and the lowest cost.

  • Fair and Secure Copyright

    Registering the user's copyrights and modifying records through the blockchain protects the copyrights from infringement, which will make the commercialization more efficient and fair.

  • Equivalent and Permanent Value

    Through Smart Contracts, the equality between users' revenue and their sharing of bandwidth resources and contents will be ensured, which is undeniable and helps to obtain the greatest degree of preservation.

Application Scenarios

  • New Copyright Ecology

    Digital content such as movies, magazines, publications, audios, and software can be freely published and traded, and it is no longer subject to the authorization and approval of publishers, film and television theaters and regulatory agencies.

  • Digital Content Transmission

    Digital content from all over the world can be downloaded with the highest downlink bandwidth, and the users can be no longer limited by the upstream bandwidth speed to enjoy the unimpeded transmission.

  • Global Seamless Search

    Searching for high-quality digital content around the world can be quickly obtained, anywhere in the world without the influence of a firewall (That is no need for Network Proxy). It can then go global in the protection of copyright and earnings.

  • Idle Bandwidth Realization

    The redundant bandwidth resources and the hard disk space can participate in AlplaBiz mining to obtain revenue, maximize the surplus value of computer resources and obtain the realizable value of bandwidth resources.

AB Credits

AlphaBiz's Credit (Abbreviation: AB), Symbol: α. AB is the credit of AlphaBiz for the exchange and circulation of the digital content value, it is also a resource digital asset .

  • Huge Market Demand

    The circulation and acquisition of data content is no longer limited by the network and region. The joint demands of 3.5 billion netizens worldwide are huge and rigid.

  • Content Publish Efficiency

    Digital content is no longer restricted by various distribution agencies. Blockchain technology and zero-knowledge cryptography will fully protect the privacy and security of transactions. Publish is not only free but also fair.

  • Idle Resource Realization

    With idle broadband resources, the more digital contents are stored and bandwidth resources are shared, the more ABs are acquired. And the AB value will be added due to its continuous increase in market demand.

  • Consumption Means Investment

    The users may exchange any digital content in the platform through AB exchange and may also obtain the revenue of the consumer content by sharing the bandwidth and content circulation.



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